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David Bedford: Star Clusters Nebulae & Places In Devon / The Song Of The White Horse

Registrato a Henry Wood Hall e Basing Street Studios, Londra
Realizzato nel 1978
Mike partecipò alla realizzazione dell’album solo in qualità di produttore

1. Star Lusters, Nebulae & Places in Devon
2. The Song of the White Horse

David Bedford – keyboard
Mike Ratledge – keyboard
London Philarmonic Orchestra
Queen’s College Choir

Rilasciato in LP come “Star Clusters Nebulae & Places In Devon / The Song Of The White Horse”
Editato sotto l’etichetta “Oldfield Records” nel 1983

David Bedford: Instructions For Angels

LP registrato al Worcester Cathedral e Workhouse Studio
Realizzato nella primavera del 1977

1. Theme
1. Variation 1: Wanderers of the Pale Wood, Part 1
2. Variation 2: Wanderers of the Pale Wood, Part 2
3. Variation 3: The Dazzling Burden
4. Variation 4: Be Music, Night
5. Variation 5: First Came The Lion Rider
6. Variation 6: Instructions for Angels
7. Finale: The Valley-Sleeper, The Children, The Snakes And The Giant

David Bedford – keyboards, piano, percussion
Mike Oldfield – guitar
Mike Ratledge – synthesizer on 5
Jeff Bryant – horn
Mick Baines – horn
Robin Davies – horn
Jim Douglas – oboe
Sophie Dickson – vocals
Diana Coulson – vocals
Jennifer Angel – flute
Julia Fogel – flute
Celia Hutchinson – flute
Mary Rose Lillingston – flute
Fiona Lofts – flute

Rilasciato come “Instructions For Angels” (Virgin 1977 LP – Voiceprint CD)

David Bedford: “The Odissey”

Londra, UK – Royal Albert Hall
Trasmesso in diretta da Capital Radio in FM (52m)


David Bedford, Mike Ratledge, John Lord, Pete Lemer, Dave Simmonds, Dave Stewart, Brian Gascoigne, Dave Lawson, Neal Ardley, Steuart Bedford, Mike Oldfield, Mireille Bauer, Sophie Dickson, Mary ???, Elly Lemos, Queen’s College Choir

Lista brani:
A recording of The Odissey by David Bedford
Parte 1:
1) Penelope’s Shroud pt 1 (1:30)
2) King Aeolus (4:45)
3) Penelope’s Shroud pt 2 (1:19)
4) The Phaecian Games (3:53)
5) Penelope’s Shroud pt 3 (0:47)
6) The Sirens (13:51)
7) Jethro Tull’s “Songs From The Wood” (1:34) (aggiunta dalla radio)
Parte 2:
8) Scylla And Charybdis (8:44)
9) Penelope’s Shroud pt 4 (1:20)
10) Circe’s Island (4:42)
11) Penelope’s Shroud Completed (1:42)
12) The Battle In The Hall (7:27)
13) Outro (0:44)

Presentato da Capital Radio in associazione con John Martin e Virgin Records