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Lista brani
0:00 Fast Riff Intro
2:32 Intro
5:46 Climax I – 12 Strings
6:18 Soft Bodrhan
7:20 Rachmaninov I
8:35 Soft Bodrhan 2
9:29 Rachmaninov II
9:56 Roses
10:42 Reprise I – Intro
12:45 Scot
13:16 Didlybom
15:00 Mad Bit
15:56 Run In
16:11 Hoover
18:00 Fast Riff
19:57 Lion
21:57 Fast Waltz
23:42 Stop
24:33 Mad Bit 2
24:46 Fast Waltz 2
25:06 Mandolin
26:07 Intermission
26:23 Boat
29:27 Intro Reprise 2
32:07 Big Roses
33:13 Green Green
34:24 Slow Waltz
36:04 Lion Reprise
37:05 Mandolin Reprise
37:47 TV am/Hoover/Scot
39:50 Fast Riff Reprise
42:22 Boat Reprise
43:32 12 Rep / Intro Waltz
44:12 Green Reprise
44:46 Africa I: Far Build
48:00 Africa I: Far Dip (**)
48:46 Africa I: Pre Climax
49:32 Africa I: 12 Climax
50:24 Africa I: Climax I
51:00 Africa II: Bridge
51:17 Africa II: Riff
51:34 Africa II: Boats
51:52 Africa II: Bridge II
52:10 Africa II: Climax II
54:22 Africa III: Baker

Altri collaboratori:
Clodagh Simonds, Bridgt St. John, Janet Brown e Paddy Moloney
Musicisti africani condotti da Julian Bahula

Prodotto da Tom Newman
Rilasciato il 14 Giugno 1990

Bowed Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass guitar, Sitar Guitar, Glorfindel Guitar, Highly Strung Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Bazouki, Mandolin, Ukulele, Steinway Piano, Banjo, Farfisa Organ, Lowrey Organ, Shoes, Hoover, Glockenspiel, Marimba, Bodhran, Northumbrian Bagpipes, Clay drums, Triangle, Tambourine, Wonga Box, Belll tree, Sticks, Finger Cymbals, Toy dog, Mellodica, Charis, Psaltry, Spinet, Flamneco Guitar, Jew’s Harp, Penny Whistles, Bass Whistles, Punch Ball and Club, Spoons, Referee’s Whistle, Fingernails, Pan Pipes, Glass of Water, Guitar Tuner, Violin, Door, Face Slap, Toothbrush and teeth, Vox Organ, Fake Radio, Contents of Aeromodeller’s toollbox, Glass, Hammer and Bucket, Fake Firework, Rototom, Cabasa, Bongos, Orchestral Bass Drum, Timpani, not much synth at all realy, Kallimba, Long Thin metallic hanging Tubes.