Mike Oldfield Fan Club Italiano

 Mike Oldfield Fan Club Italiano

Articoli ed Interviste

A Rare Interview with the English Guitarist,
Studio Wizard and Composer of Tubular Bells

Guitar Player - 1978

Saved by the Bells
Vox Magazine - 1992

Retuned Tubular Bells
The Times - 1992

The Bell Ringer
Evening News (Scozia) - 4 Settembre 1992

Oldfield crowned King of Castle
Evening News (Scozia) - 5 Settembre 1992

The Times Magazine - Novembre 1994

Clubbed to Death in Ibiza
The Times - Gennaio 1999

Mike Oldfield Tells of His Search For Love
and its Surprise Happy Ending

Hello Magazine - Dicembre 1999

20m in the bank and why I had to look for love
in the Lonely Hearts

Daily Mail - Dicembre 1999

For Whom the Bells Toll
Classic Rock - Febbraio 2000

The Great Escapist
The Times - Aprile 2001

Best of Tubular Bells/Music VR
The Raft - Giugno 2001

The Making of Tubular Bells
Q Magazine - Estate 2001

The Bell Boy
Record Collector - Giugno 2001

Seven Days in the Life of Mike Oldfield
Classic Rock - Luglio 2001

Tubular Bells Legend Mike Oldfield's Battle With Booze
The Mirror - Ottobre 2001

Tubular Bells II
Q Magazine - 1992

Tubular Bells II
The Guardian - 1992

Tubular Bells Super Audio Compact Disc
Studio Sound magazine - 2001